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The implementation of Moneyval recommendations this year resulted in the liquidation of risky companies. In the first weeks of 2019, the number of liquidated companies exceeded 7000, which is not only more than a year before, but even more than several years together. In the beginning of this year, the Register of Enterprises made the automated removal of non-active companies from the Commercial Register.[1] While the procedure provides publication of an announcement about the suspension of company activity and an invitation to appoint a liquidator, only a few companies applied for “normal” managed liquidation.

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Administrative liability for violation of intellectual property rights is regulated by the Latvian Administrative Violations Code (hereinafter – LAPK, from Latvian - Latvijas Administratīvo pārkāpumu kodekss). The LAPK contains only four provisions that provide for administrative liability for violation of intellectual property rights, including Articles 166.14 and 166.17. Both provisions concern administrative violations in the area of ​​consumers’ rights protection. The administrative violation specified in Article 166.14 of the LAPK is the offering or sale of counterfeit goods. Article 166.17 of the LAPK describes the administrative violation as the use of a trademark, other distinctive marks for goods and services, or designs, the counterfeiting of the mark, the use or distribution of a counterfeit mark. These are blanket rules and applicable in conjunction with special laws in the field of intellectual property. The law does not provide a definition of "counterfeit goods". The explanation of the term is also not provided by the Law on Trademarks. In the article, the author studies the Latvian laws in conjunction with European Union and international regulation and case law in order to find out the explanation of the term “counterfeit goods” in the meaning of the Latvian Administrative Violations Code.

(in Latvian; English translation to follow)

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A new regional trademark registration is anticipated after 2020 when the Agreement on Trademarks, Service Marks and Names of Appellation of Origin of Goods of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will function in the EAEU member states, i.e., Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.


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