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New online services – Responding to Provisional Refusal of International Registration

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IP CARE has a pleasure to announce launching of the new online services for overcoming Provisional Refusals of International Registration of trademarks issued by the EUIPO, IP offices of the EU member states, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and a wide range of other countries. Answer several simple questions based on information from WIPO notification to get started on rescuing your country designation.

If you or your client receives Provisional Refusal of granting protection of International Registration of your trademark issued by a national or regional IP office, IP CARE will make a deep analysis of the grounds for refusal, develop and coordinate with you a strategy for overcoming the refusal and respond to the provisional refusal.

Take a chance to respond to the provisional refusal in the EU starting from 100 EUR >>>

We are taking care of International Registration of your trademark.



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